Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I know you say you only blog when you win...

But unfortunately that isn't the case! Going to be blogging reguarly now ( i know i know) after some inspiration from LilDave (David Nicholson) who is my fave blogger. check it out yo.


Recently went for an interview in Gibraltar, had a really good time out there although would have been nicer to stay for a few more days as when I returned England was 10inches deep in snow. I was very well looked after including flights from Manc/4*Hotel so was a pretty toasty couple of days. The guys I met out there were mainly German and it impresses me so much how well they can speak English. I'm almost embarrassed as there is like 5 of us around a table, 4 of them German and we still speak English. They even know English humour, just little things that I would never ever pick up if I was studying their language. Also really enjoyed being in the company of super intelligent people and think I rub off them pretty well :) Really really hope I get the job and can start a new period in my life. Have had a good job since I graduated and this will be the next stepping stone for hopefully a very successful career. Please all give me your one times :)


Last Man Standing is a competition ran on lots of forums, I entered the Blonde Poker one and after going out early doors in the first stage luckily I was back in after a rollover, I got to the final two this week and basically I needed Celtic to win and Bolton not to win to win over 1k and more importantly the pride. 20 minutes to go, Bolton 0-2, Celtic 2-0 against Inverness Caledonian Thistle. Don't need to say what happened. Sigh. I did have a nice little wager on West Ham to beat Man United this week though at 5.7/1. Posted on my fb so not aftertiming :)

Teh Pokers

Although haven't played a schedule in over a week been playing so good. Really do feel like I'm playing sick good atm but just need to convert when deep. I had so many 7-20ths that it really pisses me off. I have a style that means I either win or bust then, its so frustrating as I have full control of the table and usually get someone making a really bad call where they are flipping at best (they are usually flipping) and I obv don't get there. Nevermind though, 2011 is a new year, hope I'm not bokking myself here but think its going to be huge.


To mondatoo (Ray) at the Monte Carlo this month. Got a little %, he never struggles to sell out and is genuinely a really nice guy, he's also going for supernova so good luck again Ray.


Enjoying doing writing for PokerPlayer, I've done a few articles now and I love the role that I have atm as it is based more around strategy that I think suits me best as face it I'm abit of a poker geek.

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Live Cash

Live cash

Been playing a tonne of live 50nl taking shots at 200nl from time to time, up 40 bi's in last few weeks so obv sick heater/playing best I have.

One funny pot from last night, 3 limpers, Gary Robinson (Aspers Reg) makes it £9 otb, we are 350bbs effective, I flat with 45cc, 3 other callers. Flop is A67ss, checks round to Gary he bets £20, I call 1 other caller. Turn is another 6, checked to Gary who tank bets £40 I look down before mucking and realise I have 56 not 45. hiiiiiiii der. I shove for lotssss(I have loosest image ever at live cash showed down all sorts tonight) guy tanks for like 7 mins and folds 45ss and Gary snaps me off with A9. Somewhere along the line somebody else went all in with KQdd for another bi, no idea when untill after the hand another £50 shipped my way.

I've been winning lots recently, and whenev a new player comes to he table have always posted for them, especially if they are buying in for less than 50bigs, was a busto degen last night who was like grinding £10 stacks for an hour and eventually going busto, I was paying his blinds for him every round and even straddled for him a couple of times (I was on his direct right) I complete the straddle and he shoves! cheeky bastard, I spite snap him of with K3 and obv get there against AK. He takes it in good spirit and I give him £4.25 which lasted him another hour or so (with me posting his blinds again! KARMAAAAAAA.

Live donkaments

Only played one live tourny in ages. £40 tourny on Sunday at circus. 80 runners iirc, I get it all in on first hand with 89hh against q7hh on 7610hh board, obv I don't win. I then decide to own and crush the tourny. I have a super aggro image and whenever I have the nuts people are ike 4x pot shoving! Heaven. Get in a pot with Joe Peel for over half the chips in play with like 13 left with qqvkjv77(shortstack) kxxx wins. NH Joe. sigh. Final table I make some silly raises as I'm commited to callig shortstacked shoves, they are women and busto teenagers so I thought they'd just keep folding. [ ] worked well. Anyway came like 4th for a decent cash.


Bubbled sickest job for me. Obv I'm playing poker alot, but I am a journalist 9-5 (just graduated) 100 people or something applied for a job for the biggest UK poker magazine, obv after few interviews I get to the last 2, runbaddddddd bubble. sick lol. Anyway they want me to be involved in the mag and were impressed so hopefully will do some freelance stuff for them finishing in me working in vegas for whole of WSOP where I will grind cash as much as possible and really treat the whole trip as WORK and not PLAY. glglglgl with that! When I get back from there will reassess what I want to do with poker and whether or not I'm going to take it super serious. Might do a taster for the whole thing trying to work one of the EPT's or something for some experience as it will obv be pretty competitive with all the sick railtards wanting some action.


Online I havn't played too much, won alot at 100nl HU, won alot at 50nl/100plo rush, won alot at 100plo HU and then lost ALOT at 100plo HU, really starting to read hands alot better, might sound stupid but obv prefer playing worse players. In the past I never really knew why, but now it's because I know they can't value bet thinly and I can pick off bluffs that just don't make much sense. Also trying a few other plays that seem to be working v.well upto now, discussed a couple with James Howard last night at Aspers.


Not playing the nifty monkey tonight at Stanly as I just really cba. Will probably be at Aspers next Saturday or Sunday. I am planning a trip to DTD possibly for next month and asked like 10 NPS regs to come with, anyone interested hollllllllla.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

HU Tourny / New Job

So I've finally left uni. For good. Wow, those three years went super fast. I was intending to travel around Europe with a few good friends who left last Friday, but somehow persuaded some guy to give me a job! I'm working at a independent financial advisers called Reeves Independent, who are based in Jesmond, Newcastle. Only been here for 2/3 weeks, but enjoying it so far.

Played my first ever live HU shootout this week. Was at circus and had 42 runners, which then went down to 21, then to 11, then to 6, which were going to play a roudn robin to get a winner.

I was initially drawn agaist Paul Nixon and the another older gentleman, so I thought my route was goign to be pretty easy towards the cash. Last minute the tournament director changed the structure and I was facing Coral sponsored pro Mark Trett.

The game started pretty slowly, both of us adopting to min raise our buttons and most cbets were taking pots down. I adjusted and started to check top pair/over pairs on the flop, then lead big on turn and river, which saw Mark call me down thinly a couple of times and increase my chip lead. Our final hand was at blinds 25/50, Mark opens fr 125 on the button, I 3bet to 375 with AA and Mark 4bets to 1225. It's his first 4bet of the game so I'm pretty sure he's light, so I'm facing the dilemma of shoving or calling then c/s - c/c his flop bet that would 100% leave him commited to the pot. I play about with some chips, try and make myself look weak, Mark tank calls with J high and doesn't improve.

I go onto play Mary and comofrtably beat her to go through to the "semi final". Some notable hands were Mary limping the btn with 4bbs, I shove kqcc for value and she folds a10, I was literally like WTF? I think se was a 7/1 shot to progress against me and I completely controlled the match. Between games I chatted to Chris Wood from teeside about MTT play and think I picked up a couple of pointers that I will look to introduce next time I hit the felt.

My semi final match was against Paul Hepworth, a nice studious player that takes time over every decision. He is very deliberate with his plays and is pretty aggro. Saying this I still thought I had an edge and won the first game where I 4bet jam 810cc into his JJ and get there, mbn etc i know. I control the second game with some good value shoves/bets, using similar tactics to those I used against Mark Trett. He won the 2nd game when I missed the absolute world. The 3rd game I limp the btn playing 20bbs effective with KQ, he raises 3bb and i call. Flop 99k he jams, i snap, he has 66.

I eventually chop the tournament with Chris Wood and a couple of others and get back home for work at 9am on Monday morning.

Played one hand of cash that I thought was semi interesting. It's my first hand at the table. 4 limpers including Chris on the button. I look dow at AKo and just check, with the ntention of going broke on A/K high flops, but not wanting to inflate the pot OOP. Flop is Q102 I don't want c/c because I don't think my hand is good enough, so I lead with the intention of barreling if needs be, or getting it in on a J and considering my options depending on who calls etc if a Ace or King comes. I bet les than 1/2 po and it folds to Chris who 3x raises my bet. I'm pretty sure he never has a Queen here, and he can't have 101010, so he either has 222 or some kind of straight draw with back door flush, we are now heads up and I make the call. The turn is an offsuit 5 and I check and he checks behind, river is a Q and I lead out 3/5 pot. He quickly folds, I'm really unsure about my river bet, but I def like how I played the first 3 streets

Monday, 17 May 2010

Start of 6max grind.

First of all, just like to send my congradonlances to Gaz Walker who just came 8th in UKIPT Nottingham, well played mate.

As talked about in previous blogs when I finished university I was going to join the "Philli Stable" ran by Jon Lundy.

I started about 10 days ago and we started right at the bottom at 20nl. Basically the plan is to get used to 6max cash and hopefully break even/win abit. In the past I saw alot of the previous players in the stable had lost alot to start/found it hard to adapt so I didn't take my usual cocky style when starting. The first day I played a 21 hour session which was abso sick as everyone was snoring their heads off but I just kept grinding, grinding, grinding. Whenever I had a tough spot I'd ask Jon and usually the answer was a point to his eyeball directing me to go arrrrrrin. I eventually won about 8 bi's so was pretty sick.

I went home and just continued to grind, I was really tired and lost all the profit + a few more bi's I was pretty gutted as I'd worked really hard to be up that much. Anyway I thought fuck this, I'm going to play as much as possible and as well as possible and between tues-friday I had won back and more of what I'd lost.

I went to Jon's again this weekend and played a few more longer sessions with Andy Harrison. Ran pretty horrificly -13 bi's below ev. For people not understanding what that means, basically I should of been winning 13 bi's more than I actually was.

There are 10k hands missing from the graph where I was a winner, but hands played on Jon's laptop and havn't had chance to import them yet.

I am still up over 10bi's in my first week which is great news and I think I'm playing really well, if there was no luck I'd be up over 20 bi's which is sick for my first week of ever playing 6max cash.

The plan is to move up tables after I have been profitable at a certain amount of tables. So for example, I was a big winner at 4 tables so I am now playing 6 tables, once I am comfortable and crushing I will move up to 8 tables etc etc. I will stop at 16 tables where if I am constantly crushing I will move up to 50nl where I will start 4 tabling. The same as above I will move to 6 tabling, 8 tabling and ultimately 16 tabling, once I am crushing there I will move up to 100nl. If I can beat 4 tables I will move up, if I can beat 6 tables I will move up, etc etc etc, untill finally I can comfortably crush 100nl 16 tables.

It's a long way away, but it's something to look to, I know that

1) I have the potential to be able to do this

2) I can put in the volume, other people have mentioned how sick I've been volume wise

3) I have the desire and hunger to succeed.

Hopefully my next update is that I am beating 6 tables easily and I've moved up to 8 tables.


Monday, 3 May 2010

NPF Team Game/ Staking

Before I talk about the fantastic weekend spent in the Grosvenor casino at the NPF team game, just a quick mention to Chris Gillott A.K.A Machine. Everybody knows our history and somehow he has persuaded me to stake him. I've given him alot of trust and he's repaying me already. He is crushing the smaller stakes SNG's with a strategy I have pushed in his direction. Anyone else wanting to be staked for micro SNG's who have a willingness to learn and accept that in the short term they might not make alot but in the long term will definitely make money, holla.

So like I mentioned before, this weekend was the NPF Annual Team Game. I am captain of The Cubs and this year we had a really really strong team. We met up for a bite to eat at nandos where we sorted out the teams attire for the weekend, as you can see by the picture we looked dappa. Onto the poker, we did dreadful! We only had 2 players reach the cash, although Chris Waugh managed to final table and win some $$$ and much needed points to ensure we didn't come home with the wooden spoon. Sensation crushed the game getting lucky when he needed to and having cards hold when he needed them to. His final table finish secured 1st place for the sensations with the dobbas a very close 2nd.

I started the table with Mark Trett on my left and Gordon Wright and Dave Steohenson on my right, I know all 3 players games pretty well so was pretty happy as everybody else on the table was awful. I lost some chips on a AK10 board bet folding after a lady had c/r me, I table k10 and she shows me q9. Hm [ ]wpwpwpwp. I go down to 4k, and then pcik up some chips when I defend my blind after Mark Trett had raised UTG+1 to 2.5x. I had seen him make it 3/4x previously and usually when somebody 2.5x's for the first time it's never strong so I flat with j10 with the intention of c/r any flop. I get a perfect k56 board and c/r after some deliberation he folds. Dave Stephenson then opens and I flat out the bb with QQ. All undercards and I call his flop bet and valuebet the river and he looks me up and taps the table.

Before the break I move table and get moved to a table full of fish with the exception of Mrs Stumpy who I can't comment on as never played with her before, but going by her award last week at the NPF Birthday game I guess she is decent. First orbit, 2 limpers and I limp behind with 33, I can squeeze here, but we are relatively deep so I think flatting in position is fine. Flop is a ugly qj4ss. Checked round to me and I sigh check giving up on the hand. Turn is a beautiful 3 and it's checked to me again, I bet half pot hoping for a couple of callers, I get my wish with Mrs Stumpy and another lady calling. Turn is a 9x, I think this is apretty safe card and could possible give some people 2 pair. I decide to bet 3100 into 1700 making it look like missed spades or some spewy 2 barrel bluff as people know I'm well capable of this. Mrs Stumpy insta shoves on me and I have to sigh fold. Losing half of my stack on this hand tilted me as I thought when I was betting I was for sure good. NVM, went into the break with around 3.5k desperately needing a double up.

I get moved onto a new table and have the pleasure of sitting next to Teamdobbs, Sean Mcguigan and Andy Carlin. Teamdobbs raises and I flat for around 1/3 of my stack out the sb to do a stop and go with J9 I think it's a perfect hand for the situation. Anyway flop is j92 and I shove my stack in for a 1.75x pot shove and TD insta calls with AJ, I fade his 2 pair outs and double up. I now go super aggro looking to build a stack, I reshove and then shove twice and I now have 30bbs and a decent stack.

I get moved table again and this time I am on Daniel Trett/Simpa and Mr E's table. I sit really tight as I have an awkward stack, the blinds bite me a little bit and I move to about 25bbs. In this time MR E had picked up AA and JJ, both times putting in really big raises. Next hand he min raises so straight away I assign him to a range of 33-66 kq/aj. Simpa flats behind which I think is pretty weak and I shove from the button with 22. MR E has a stack of about 11k IIRC and this call would be for 45% of his chips as Scotty Hocking quickly worked out, so I know he can't call with his cards and I think I'm going to pick up a nice pot as antes has kicked in by now too. So I would of made about a 30% increase on my stack unless Simpa had called behind to induce a shove from me, but I think this is highly unlikely, no offence.
Anyway, MR E tanks and tanks and somehow makes a call with AJ and we're at the races, two players say they had an Ace so I'm relatively confident until he binks a J. He later went on to tell people he had raised to 2k with 20k behind and I had 5k otherwise he would of folded, so I must of been looking at a different hand.

Anyway I move onto cash and play really well for hours and hours, making the best call I've made in a long time for the rest of my stack against Mullet with Ace High on the river and folding AK on K23hh board to be shown 333. Anyway lose all my money late in the night on KJ7ss board with 9sqs10c2c, sigghhhhh.

Nevermind. Great weekend. Thanks again to Mr E, CGK, S2C and TD for organising everything.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Crushing, end of uni and team game

Since binking a tourny last time out I have been focusing my attention on HU SNG's. I love the fact that you are playing 1 on 1 and can crush the other player. In full ring although it is possible, it is quite hard to exploit the fish as all the sharks are trying to get in on the action and I always get into wars against regs who isolate the fish and always come agains tthe top of their range. Sighhhh, hu I can just own the fish and grind them out. Obviously it's hard to have a really good ROI and many of the top pro's have rois between 10-15%, wioth 15% seen to be very good.

At the $10 SNG's I have a 24% roi, so obviously that is really good. I am going to continue to play them on my own roll when I join the philli stable and hopefully build up $$$ to take shots at UKIPT events.

This Saturday is the NPF Forum Team Game, 20 teams all come together to a very well ran event by S2C, Teamdobb and CGK. The standard is pretty indifferent, you have some very good players, who play £1k events and then you get lots of bad players, who are just on their forum for the social side. This is fair enough, S2C has formulated a good structure, with 7.5k stacks and 45 minute blinds, so hopefully my team will do really well and we'll get some lads on the final table and TID.

Outside of poker I'm obviously at Uni, I leave Sheffield on Friday forever and it's been a rpetty quick three years, I'm def a very different person now to who I was when I came to Sheffield as a 18 year old fresher, I used to care alot about what people thought about me and I didn't really say exactly what I thought. Since then I've changed completely, I think I am alot more judgemental than I used to be and this stems to the poker table where as soon as I sit down I make immediate assumptions about the players on my table, usually pretty accurately.

This month is also UKIPT Nottingham, hopefully I will play the £200 6max side event and depending on how well I do online before hand/if I bink a seat, I'll play the £500 main event too. Reportedly it's going to have over 1000 players so this obv means a sick prizepool, the standard is supposedly very high, especially comapared to normal high buy in live events, this is because the onlien community win seats and come out wheras normally they will just not bother playing GUKPT's etc. I am really confient in my poker atm, so don't fear playing against almost any competition.

I said before about not caring what people think anymore, well maybe I'm wrong, I want to prove to everyone exactly how good I am, and I won't do this till I get out and start playing some bigger tournies. You can't make serious money unless you take shots slightly out of your bankroll. Last year, Mark Trett took a shot at some tournies, after a slowstart he binked a Coral Masters and then secured a £10k package for live events for 2010, he really is an inspiration as he was a low stakes MTT grinder who had the balls to take a shot and it payed off for him, hopefully I can do something similar.

I'm going travelling in August/September around Europe with a couple of close friends and I'm really looking forward to that, should be going for 4-6 weeks, before that got a few beach holidays planned in Spain and Ibiza. Finishing uni is scary, but only if you let it be, I'm looking forward to a prosperous future and 2011 should be an awesome year for me.


Sunday, 18 April 2010

I won? norrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Ok, been playing MTT's for the past month or so. It's been such a ridic month, I'm playing fields of thousands so it's sooooo hard to get a final table finish, and if you don't get a final table finish, the money is usually shite. In the big, crucial pots I have been absolutely fucked over. Anyone who knows me recognises that I am super aggro, i bet/3bet/cbet myself into really good positions and the fish just call-check/fold. Then in the huge pots where I induce massive overplays they hit their 20-30%'s, mehhhhhhhh. But that's what tournies are about, lots of sighhhhhaments followed by a big ship and you forget all your run bad.

Guess the difference between variance in tournies and variance in cash is that in tournaments you have lottttttts of runbad then one big run good, but in cash you have big downswings which may last for 10k hands, and then your upswing is just as much if not bigger.

I won the $22 deep antes tournie on stars yesterday for $1.1k, I have a roi of 58% and since I been playing MTT's abit more seriously (last 6 months) 96%, so looking good.

My long term future in poker lies in 6max cash games, I'm joining the Philli Stable when I finish uni, so I really hope that brings my game onto the next level, I will continue to reg play tournies and binking a few is always nice.

Outside of poker I am sorting plans out for my gap year. I am going to spend a month going around Europe, travelling to Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Scandanavia and a couple of other smaller countries, going to be going with one of my best friends, Arun so should be quite a big eye opener. I'm also going on holiday with my rents (free holiday ftw) to Ibiza for a fortnight and then going to be grindingggggggggg, untill January when I move to NYC for 6 months or so. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

2011 is hopefully going to be a huge year in my life, where I not only mature alot, but I experience the world and make some $$$$$$$$.